Sir's Branch 52
Paradise California

What is SIR?
SIR (Sons in Retirement) is a non-profit, public benefit corporation formed for men.
Our Mission is to improve the lives of our members through fun activities and events
while making Friends for Life!
We are almost 60 years old, and our 120 plus branches include over 14,500
members. Our branches cover Northern California from Bakersfield to the Oregon
border and Lake Tahoe to the Pacific Ocean.
Our member expectations are few. Have the free time, be a friendly, sociable guy,
participate in our luncheons and activities and introduce others to SIR so they can
join in the fun.
Membership is open to men regardless of age, race, color or religion. We are an all-
volunteer organization, so our members need to help out when called upon. SIR
supports no outside causes or interests. We prohibit discussions of politics and
religion, soliciting or selling anything to any member. Each Branch has monthly
luncheon meetings where Sirs renew old friendships and establish new ones.
Speakers are invited to speak on topical subjects of general interest. Most Branches
have summer and winter luncheons and a BBQ where wives, partners and guests are
invited. Of special interest are Branch activities like golf, bowling, travel, bocce,
bridge, poker, walking, hiking, computers, dining out, wine tasting and investing.
Our list of activities and events is almost endless and many are coed. If there is an
activity you are passionate about and your selected branch doesn't have it, we will
help you start it and involve others. Come join us and be part of the fun – and,
better yet, Make Friends for Life!