Sir's Branch 52
Paradise California
Out To lunch Director
Bill McNeeley
The OTL be on the 3 Wednesday, Until we get back in Paradise.
OTL for August 15 2019
We will be visiting AVL looms at 10:30 AM. AVL looms manufactures looms for producing art fabrics. The looms are created primarily
from hard wood.  The hard wood looms hold tolerances that are as small as the finest thread. They are located on the corner of Park Av.
and Myers St. in Chico. This is a woodworkers dream!
We will eat at Casa De Paradeiso that is located where the Original Petes  was on Park Av.. If they are not open by the 15th I will
announce a alternate at the tour. Does this mean Paradise has lost another restaurant?
There will NOT be a OTL for September because of the Picnic Sept. 14!